Referral Programme

ASTA values you and your support. We believe there is no advertising that is superior to the brand advocacy of our customers. You who have trusted us with building your home, your satisfaction, happiness and delight are supremely important to us.

And as a token of appreciation, we would like to introduce you to the ASTA Referral program. Should you feel the need to consider a second (or maybe even a third) real estate investment, you need to look no further. With multiple world-class development projects across Namma Chennai City, ASTA has something for everyone.

A friend or a family member looking to buy a home? What better advice can you give, than referring them to an ASTA Home! They too will benefit from the expertise, trust, appreciation and of course, the thoughtfulness of ASTA.

From inspiring best-integrated Community Living, everything you will ever need in real estate is just a call away.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Asta Referral Program is developed, managed and operated by Asta Group, to reward existing ASTA customers.

  • Email to be sent to and by the owner of an apartment in ASTA AVM stating referral name, contact number & email.

  • Asta will send a lead validation mail within 48 hours, post verification of the lead.

  • If the lead has already been registered by us through some other source, it will not be treated as a referral.

  • If the referral lead is verified & registered, the referred customer should sign & certify the referrer name and apartment number in the introduction form when he/she visits our sales office and also in the booking form.

  • Referral bonus will be paid by ASTA once the buyer makes the full and final payment and registers the sale deed.

  • As part of the endeavour of Asta Group to provide valuable information to the members of the Asta Referral Program, Asta would capture contact details including mail id and develop mailing lists for use by Asta. As part of providing value-added product offering to its Customers, Asta Group reserves the right to communicate special offers/promotions and you hereby authorize ASTA Group and its representatives to call, e-mail and/or SMS overwriting your DNC registration.

  • Any of the rules, benefits, terms, conditions, or duration pertaining to the Program/ applicability of the Asta Referral Program may be cancelled, discontinued, withdrawn, changed, altered or modified or extended by the Company without notice and that Asta Group shall not be liable for loss or damage resulting therefrom.